Friday, March 31, 2023

Sponsors promote Mmopane independence tournament

Mmopane Village soccer fans will have reason to celebrate the country’s Independence Day as a tournament for the long weekend kicks off this weekend. Six teams; one of them comprising veteran soccer players in the village will be battling it out for P9000 cash, new kit, floating trophy, one month gym (Best player of Tournament) and one night accommodation (top goal scorer) at the village’s Camel’s Inn Lodge.

The tournament is scheduled to kick off on Saturday 22nd September, at 1400hrs with an encounter between Eleven Men and Naledi Swallows.

At 1600hrs Mapetla will lock horns with Dintorokong.

On Sunday 23rd September at 12 mid-day Kopjie Social Club will play Mmopane former players. The Coca-Cola Cup quarter finalists, Molapo Green Birds will face the Sweet XI at 1500hrs. The Mmopane former players’ team will be made up by picking three players from each of the participating teams. Toss for the Independence holiday games will follow the game.

Kgachi and Sons have pledged P9500 and a floating trophy for the event. Kopjie Bar has pledged a new kit for the winner. The best player of the tournament will pocket P2200 and go away with a floating trophy and a new kit.

Position two gets P1800 cash while P1400 goes to the third position and P1000 goes to the forth position. Positions five and six will each get P500.

P1500 will be shared among the referees of the tournament.

Beyond the playing fields, the best player of the tournament will access Kings and Queens gyms freely for four weeks. The man who will prove his scoring prowess will have the privilege to spend a night at the village’s Camel’s Inn Lodge.

According to the event’s organiser, Moemedi Mokgachane, the event is meant to unleash and effectively utilise the talent that exists in the village.

“There are signs that there is a lot of talent in this village. In the whole of Kweneng District we are the only people with three teams from the village participating in the first division. One of our teams has gone up to the quarter finals and has gone for play-offs. This is a milestone,” he proudly said.

The founder of the tournament, Mokgachane says their wish is to turn the tournament into an annual event. Providing there is availability of funds next year it is envisaged to attract up to P20000 sponsorship. He said the event is also meant to empower the team financially as the supporters only get to help teams through gate takings. The event is also used to bring together Mmopane residents as they would not have to travel for recreation.

The formation of the former players’ team is meant to bring together veterans and their younger brothers to share skills and to show the elderly that the young need them for guidance.


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