Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Stanbic to cycle from Ghantsi to Gaborone for charity

Stanbic Bank Botswana on Thursday launched the ‘Chief Executive’s Charity Ride’, a charity ride that would see the bank’s Chief Executive, Leina Gabaraane, and other top management staff cycling from Ghanzi to Gaborone over a period of five days beginning yesterday (Saturday 1st June).

“We are hoping to cover at least 150 km a day,” Gabaraane said. He said that besides promoting social responsibility and healthy lifestyle, the main aim of the ride is to raise funds for the less privileged.

“Stanbic Bank has been a strong advocate for giving back to the communities in which we operate since we opened our doors over 21 years ago. We take great pride in our efforts each year; whether monetary donations or projects we actively get involved and participate,” Gabaraane said. “This year, however, we want to do something that allows us to be proactive from all levels of the bank and it is against that backdrop that we are proud to launch this Charity Ride.”

The Chief Executive says the initiative is also another opportunity for the bank to continue to contribute to the betterment of the local community.

The ride hopes to raise funds for various charity organisations to be announced at the end of the 710 km excursion. Stanbic Bank has pledged P150 000 and will also incur all costs associated with the event with sponsorship from customers and various stakeholders.

Gabaarane said they had already raised almost P400 000 and they are hoping to have amassed over half a million by the end of the trip.

The Chief Executive’s Charity Ride will comprise six Stanbic Bank cyclists accompanied by a professional cyclist. The team will have four overnight stops at camping and lodging spots along the route over the course of the five days.

The journey ends in Gaborone Wednesday 5th June.


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