Thursday, July 18, 2024

Stand up Letshwiti

Botswana football Association (BFA) president, Maclean Letshwiti is under siege from his trusted foot soldiers who campaigned for him during the last BFA elections. 

The other threat is that Letshwiti is leading a fragmented National Executive Committee (NEC) that is making it difficult to execute his desired plans. 

It is reported that the BFA president is not happy and is under pressure from the foot soldiers who want him to reward them with positions for a work well done

Those who are putting the president under pressure for positions are seen almost every day at Lekidi (BFA headquarters) seeking the attention of the BFA leader. 

“Letshwiti will not hire them; he will only follow procedure. Some of the people’s reputations who want positions at Lekidi are soiled,” said the source.  

Those who want position are looking at the places of the BFA chief executive officer, the technical director, the premier league CEO and the regions technical coordinator, the source said. “Ba batla go tlhatswiwa diatla,” the source said. 

They thought campaigning for Letshwiti would give them privilege to control the BFA even if they don’t fall in any structure, the source said.

It is also said that the BFA vice president, Segolame Ramotlhwa and Marshlow Motlogelwa are not in cordial working relationship with Letshwiti.  It is alleged that the two vice presidents of recent are against their leader and challenges anything wants to do. 

The sources further reveal that the there are some officials who need constant monitoring because of reckless and unnecessary spending. 

“Recently there was a quotation of P98 000 for printing of tickets for the Mascom semi-finals which was suspicious. And after the LOC sourced an independent quotation, it added up to only P48 000 for printing of all semi-finals games,” explained the source.  

It is said those against Letshwiti also want to dictate terms for clubs. 

“Township Rollers have appointed Biki Mbenge as security manager for their CAF games but some are against that despite the fact that the president has indorsed the Rollers’ request. They want the president to be recalled just for that. One of the people who are against that is one of the top NEC members” the sources revealed. 

The sources further reveal that there are fears that the BFA’s jostling will scare potential sponsors. 


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