Friday, April 19, 2024

State expected to apply for Kgafela to be remanded in custody

When the case against Bakgatla royals Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela Kgafela and his younger brother Mmusi Kgafela resumes on the 7th of next month prosecution is expected to launch an application calling for the two to be remanded in custody.

Information passed to this paper is that the prosecution wants the bail granted to Kgafela and other accused person to be cancelled because the whippings in Mochudi have not stopped.

Togrether with ten others Kgafela and Mmusi are facing charges of assault emanating from a number of incidents in which different people were allegedly flogged.

The Bakgatla royals along with other accused were arraigned in court and admitted to bail.The prosecution is understood to be of the view that the accused men be remanded in custody because the floggings have not stopped.

The accused represented by Unity Dow and Banyatsi Mmekwa are expected to oppose the state’s application.

The state has maintained that it wants the floggings taking place in Kgatleng to stop because they are not within the confines of the law.

Earlier this year the Bakgatla paramount chief stated that under his leadership wrong doers will be whipped.

The young Kgosi has taken a vow that he wants to restore traditional values. He has banned shebeens and called for discipline within Kgatleng.

While the state has launched a criminal case against the Bakgatla royals, Family of God church of mochudi has dragged Kgafela to court and wants among others the court to declare that Kgafela has no authority over them. The church is accusing Kgafela of interfering with their right to worship.


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