Friday, April 12, 2024

State prosecutor caught with firearm was trying to free boyfriend from prison

Police have foiled what could have been a massive prison escape when they arrested a state prosecutor from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) entering prison with a gun.

The firearm was supposed to be used by the inmate to shoot at prison warders in what was a meticulously planned prison break at the Central Prison.

Investigations so far show that the firearm was purchased for P1 000 in a black market in Francistown.

It is understood that police had earlier on intercepted a cellphone conversation between the prosecutor and an inmate on how to smuggle in a firearm into the central prison in an effort to free scores of inmates.

The female prosecutor who is believed to be in love with the inmate and known to this publication had been frequently visiting the alleged inmate at the maximum prison in Gaborone. The boyfriend is convicted of armed robbery.

 It is reported that the prosecutor was given a space by the prison officials when visiting the inmate as she had convinced prison warders that she was working on a sensitive case with the inmate.

The inmate allegedly communicated with the seller of the firearm through a cellphone and sent the seller photos of the prosecutor who was to collect the firearm.

Prisons spokesperson senior superintendent Wamorena Remolefe would not to be drawn into discussing the matter saying is still under investigation.

He said prosecutors often visit the central prison to conduct their business and they are always monitored by warders. But he added that prison officials are not supposed to hear what the parties discuss.  

 Detective Assistant Police Commissioner Oabitsa Rankwaila from the North Division in Francistown said they are investigating a case in which they have recovered an unlicensed firearm that might have been smuggled into the country illegally.

“Although this is a fresh matter and the investigations have just commenced, police have so far questioned two alleged suspects that were apparently found in possession of the pistol,” she said.

She confirmed that among the suspects that are helping the police with investigation is a DPP prosecutor together with a serving inmate who are currently prime suspects.

“The two were arrested and later released from custody while investigations are still ongoing,” she said.

She stated that they have not yet established the origin of the firearm but the investigation may lead them to neighbouring countries.

“I would not at this juncture divulge the exact country where our investigations may lead us to as that might somehow compromise the investigations,” she said. 


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