Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Stock Market Direct urges investors to be bullish

By Obusitse Kologwe

Antonio Samuels, the managing director of Stock Market Direct ÔÇö┬á a software marketing companyÔÇöhas urged local investors to desist from their timid attitudes and focus more ┬áaggressively on areas that can grow their┬á financial investments.

Samuels told an outreach programme organized Stock Market Direct in Francistown that a lot of investors were losing on their investments because they were passive and never played an active role in taking control of their funds.

“There is a problem with investors, especially with lack of knowledge, lack of tools and limited time with regard to investments,” he said.

Stock Market Direct claims credit to its software solutions that links the local investors with regional exchanges, notably, the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE), which gives investors up to the minute information on market activities. The software is programmed in such a way that an investor sets a target on the level of losses that he can take before the system gives him a warning.

Further, the system is aimed at by-passing other market players such as stock market brokers and other clearing houses.

Samuels said investors should take more risks to ensure that their investment returns beat the inflation rate .
“The institutions make lots of profits with the investor’s money and the passive investor would get a meager share of profits but any way it is part of business,” he warned.

Samuels cautioned the participants to try and diversify their investments and further try to avoid the middlemen, in this case who are the brokers, in order to enjoy the full benefits of their investments.

While he blatantly urged investors from engaging brokers ÔÇô a misnorm in practice to open de-campaign others ÔÇô he tends to preach the same message of diversification in terms of asset classes.

He said investors should individually develop expertise in different areas of asset classes operation that could be done through the acquisition of their software. The advent of Stock Market Direct in the local market is likely to spark a debate on whether it is an investment outfit or salesmen of a software product in the local market.
If Stock Market Direct wants to be treated seriously they need to abide by the guide lines  set  under the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) ACT or they will be treated just like  a sales team of Tuppaware against another container company where there are no standard rules to abide by.

“There is need for the investors to empower themselves with knowledge, tools and give themselves sufficient time in order to deal with their investments,” said Samuels He added that as Stock Market Direct, they had a program that catered for clients in user friendly form. Samuels explained that the programme allowed the user on the information of his stock markets and how they were performing.

He indicated that Stock Market Direct educates private individuals on how to diversify successfully on investment portfolios. He also mentioned that there were numerous advantages that one could benefit immediately without a struggle and would access fundamental information which included forecasts, email alerts latest news on stock markets, results and even fact sheets.
“Our program scans the situation of stock markets for our clients and the information is always up to date,” Samuels added.

This was the second forum that Stock Market Direct conducted in Francistown following the other forum in October last year. The institution has a branch in Gaborone and is yet to open a branch in Francistown.


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