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Any condition that harms the body and damages, breaks down or causes the death of cells is defined as stress at a body level. Similarly any condition that brings pressure or tension to bear on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is stress. Our ability to respond to stress demands is a sum product of several factors.

Every time when the individual is subjected to a stressful stimuli, his/ her body prepares the individual to fight or runaway (fight/ flight response mechanism).

Due to stress, activities of the individual are no longer in harmony with the principles of nature. This is a case where situational demands exceed personal management capacity or coping capacity. Unless stress is reduced, managed or eliminated, the individual is subjected to stress forever with obvious consequences on all aspects of his life.

Stress is our physiological and psychological response to the daily events in our lives. This response disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological, mental and emotional equilibrium of the individual. The stimuli is from within and from outside.

At a body level, if the diet is adequate, repair quickly occurs, but when rebuilding fails to keep pace with destruction, illness is produced. Disease results from multiple stressors such as anxiety, overwork, bacterial or viral attack, and inadequate diet, sleep, or exercise. Unfortunately, it usually brings on numerous other stressors like poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, faulty absorption, fever, pain, diarrhea, dehydration, high urinary losses of many nutrients, exposure to x-rays, and the use of drugs.

In the same way that it requires more material for the repair of a damaged house than for the upkeep of one in good condition, every nutrient is needed in larger amounts to repair a body damaged by the multiple stresses that cause disease and result from it. For example, the stress ÔÇô or damage ÔÇô caused by x-raying an animal or by giving it any one of many commonly used drugs increases the need for protein, linoleic acid, several minerals, and vitamins A, C and all the B vitamins.

Regardless of the forms of stress, the body immediately tries to repair damage done, but it cannot do that unless all nutrients are generously supplied. The nutritional needs increase tremendously at the very time eating is most difficult; and a diet adequate for a healthy individual becomes markedly inadequate for an ill one.

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