Thursday, July 7, 2022

Striking Limkokwing students might have their admissions revoked

The Limkokwing management has threatened to revoke admission for any student that has not re-registered for studies before the end of business day on Tuesday the 5th of March.

The Management team has revealed that Limkokwing University will be open for business by Monday 4th of March after the school experienced temporary closure on account of what management has termed an “illegal class boycott” action engaged by the student body.

Since its inception in 2007, Limkokwing University has not been associated with strike action by students. Its more established and older counterpart, the University of Botswana student body is the one normally associated with class boycotts and strikes that lead to campus closures.

“Any student who shall not have subjected himself/herself to re-registration on or before the end of business on Tuesday 05th March 2013, shall be deemed to have forfeited his/her admission into Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Such admission shall, as such, be accordingly revoked with immediate effect,” said Mercy Thebe, Regional Director for Corporate, Industry and Media Relations at Limkokwing University.

Thebe explained that all classes for all re-registered students will commence on Wednesday 6th March in accordance with the existing timetables.

Last week, the University’s students went on a class boycott, citing complexities with their book allowances. As a result, the police were called to the scene because of what the management team termed a “pre-cautionary measure”.

In a press briefing to explain the decision to close down the campus, Thebe had explained to journalists that after realizing the urgency of the situation, management had called for an emergency consultation meeting with the SRC to discuss issues pertaining to what was happening, but the SRC preferred management to address the whole student body.

She said management wanted to consult further but it became apparent that the students were becoming volatile as they started pushing gates, forcing their way in. To prevent possible damage to the university property, and to protect both the staff and students, management had no option but to take the inevitable decision to close down the University.

Thebe said that the current arrangement on book allowances is a 50/50 split that was requested by students to the sponsor through the student representative committee in 2011.The sponsor then acceded to the request hence part of their allowance is paid to the bookshop while the other half is paid directly to the student’s accounts so that they could purchase other materials not available in the bookshop from other suppliers.

“If students want to change the current arrangement, they could then follow a similar process of consultation and propose a new arrangement to their sponsor through the institution,” said Thebe.
Limkokwing also revealed that all of its students who are currently on internship are not affected by the re-registration process hence they are not required to come for re-registration.


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