Sunday, September 24, 2023

Students allegedly steal and eat goats belonging to the school

Twenty five students at Mogale CJSS in Maokane Village are at the center of investigations following livestock theft that occurred at the school.

It is alleged that the students, who were boarders there, stole then killed and ate five goats belonging to the school after catching them in a bushy area near the school.

Reached for comment, the school head confirmed the incident noting that there were twenty five students involved in the matter. The school head explained that they can’t really tell what drove the students to do what they did.

“There were twenty five students involved in this case, all of whom were boarders at the school. As of now we have arranged some accommodation for them outside the school and they now stay outside school premises,” he said.

Asked what action they took against the students, the school head explained that they did not report the matter to the police but met with the concerned students’ parents who have since paid the school the monetary equivalent of the stolen goats.
“The cost was shared amongst their parents and each student had to pay P66.70 as compensation,” he said. “We did not report the matter to the police or to the customary court. We have, however, compiled a report and have sent it to our regional offices in Kanye.”

The regional officer for the South Region, Ms Mojaphoko, confirmed the case, stating that they had received the school report on the matter.
“We have received the report on what allegedly happened,” she said, adding, “We haven’t done anything concerning this issue because the school has taken action and we cannot reverse their decision,” she said.

The Station Commander at Jwaneng Police Station noted that the case had not been reported to them. He, however, said that if convicted one could face up to five years in prison.


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