Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sunday Standard and O’Hagans commemorate Motherhood

It has been said that motherhood is the oldest unpaid profession, sometimes thankless and often filled with uncertainty of the future. And while many skeptics regard Mother’s Day as another holiday conjured up for commercial gain, it does not takeaway from well deserved pampering many mothers hope to get on this day.

The parents of nine young people were surprised with a lunch at O’Hagan Irish Pub and Grill in an event that was coordinated by Sunday Standard and the eatery.

The nine young people worked with O’Hagan’s head chef, Mpho Mogotsi, and General Manager, Lefa Mbaiwa, preparing kebabs, lasagna, stirfrys, steak and a green salad. The mothers who had been invited to the lunch, waited in baited breath at the suspense of why they were invited to the restaurant, oblivious that their children were putting finishing touches to the dishes they were preparing.

On being served their meals the parents also got a personal note from their children.


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