Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sunday Standard demands inspection of DCEC docket on DIS Director General

Sunday Standard lawyer Dick Bayford on Monday served Attorney General with a notice demanding demanding production, inspections of the docket and tape recordings of interviews conducted by Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) in the cause of their investigations against Directorate on intelligence and Security Isaac Kgosi.

The case is before Lobatse High Court Justice Michael Leburu.

Speaking to The Telegraph after filing the notice before the court, Bayford said the Attorney General is yet to signify their position or attitude to the demanded production and inspections of the docket within seven days.

“If the Attorney General ascends to production and inspections of the docket they must make appointment for this exercise. If the Attorney General objects to the production and inspection of the docket, Sunday Standard will have to approach the courts for an order compelling the Attorney General to produce the docket,” said Bayford.

The issued notice demanding inspection  of the DCEC docket by Sunday Standard comes after the government recently failed in its bid for a court order restraining the paper from publishing information from docket DOC/IF/2011/01166 relating to the DCEC investigations against Kgosi.

The Attorney General, represented by Morulaganyi Chamme also wanted the court to issue an interim order that the newspaper should return to government “all tapes, documents, material, information emanating from the docket within 24 hours.”

Instead, Justice Michael Leburu issued an interim order that the Sunday Standard can go ahead and publish, but is restrained from reproducing verbatim the extracts from interviews conducted by the DCEC with persons whose names shall be made available to the publication for inspection, on condition that these names shall not be disclosed to third parties.

The court further ordered that the Sunday Standard is “prohibited from identifying interviews conducted by the DCEC with the aforementioned persons as the source of their information in respect of any investigation into the conduct of Mr. Isaac Seabelo Kgosi.”

 In her founding affidavit, DCEC Director General, Rose Seretse confirmed the authenticity of the information used in the two front page stories ran by the Sunday Standard about DIS Director General. She said the said story was made of excerpts from the interview DCEC did with Kgosi.


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