Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sunday Standard Deputy Editor calls for proper nurturing of children to enhance education

Sunday Standard Deputy Editor, Spencer Mogapi has called for proper care of children in order to enhance the already declining level of education in the country. Giving a keynote address during a prize giving ceremony in Madisakwana Primary School in Tonota village on Friday, Mogapi said that while he acknowledges the challenges faced by teachers, there is a strong need to take into cognition the problems faced by students.?“Education is facing immense challenges in this country.

Teachers have their own problems but at least the government is working around the clock to tackle those challenges. Now we have to look at the problems faced by students. Times have changed nowadays, therefore it is very crucial that every one, be it parents, teachers, the business community play an active role in helping to shape the future of these children. There is need for us to change with the times,” he said.?He said that children nowadays are exposed to cellphones, social media, drugs and internet which then affects their focus on education. He urged the schools to rope in stakeholders such as religious leaders, traditional leaders and even village elders to help guide children and help shape a better future for them.?“I also believe that social workers should also come on board to help deal with social problems faced by these children. Times have changed.

We have situations where children are students at schools and parents at home because they are orphans. Some are as young as eight years old. We have calamities such as HIV/Aids wreaking havoc and leaving children with no parents,” Mogapi said.?He further said that nowadays children are living under immense pressure as compared to the past. He said it is high time every one takes responsibility to help these children and save them from the modern pressures. ?

“I also want to encourage all the parents to go back to the spirit of sharing. When I grew up, it was very common that we would share with my neighbors and help each other if there was a need. It is important to resuscitate that spirit. We should help the children who are in need,” said Mogapi.?He however encouraged students at Madisakwana Primary School to work very hard in their studies so that they can realize their dreams.?For her part, Madisakwana Primary School Head, Gomotsang Mosweswe expressed pleasure saying that her school’s performance has been improving since 2011. She said that such an achievement is due to a cordial relationship that exists between the parents, village authorities and religious leaders.?“We were one of the worst performing schools in the sub-district.

In the past our school has not been performing very well in Primary School leaving exams. In 2010 we recorded 60% pass, but as we speak in 2013 we registered an improvement of 79.2% pass. This is indeed impressive and we hope to improve further. We are targeting to at least register 80% pass this year,” she said.?Giving a motivational speech to Madisakwana students, a farmer who is also a former student at Madisakwana Primary School, Shima Balotlhanyi encouraged the students to believe in their dreams and work hard to achieve them. He also encouraged the parents to play an active role in their children’s education.

?“Teachers need your help as parents for them to help these children improve their results. As a former student of this school, I believe this school has immense potential of producing academics who are going to be the future leaders of this country,” he said in conclusion.?Different prizes were awarded to deserving students, ranging from among others, best in class, best in subject, the most improved students and the best in behavior. The event was also marked by song and dance as students showcased different talents in different genres of music.

Sunday Standard Deputy Editor, Spencer Mogapi also donated two computers to the school. He also made a promise to the school, that Sunday Standard will help five to seven underprivileged students from Madisakwana Primary school by buying them school uniform.


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