Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Suspended FDN committee calls on BFA to expedite Disciplinary Hearing

Botswana Football Association National Executive Committee (BFA NEC) is accused of adopting delaying tactics to deny suspended First Division North committee justice. 

The committee has been in football wilderness for over two years since their suspension in 2018. They were suspended on allegations of misappropriation of funds by the BFA leadership. 

Talking to the Sunday Standard Sport, the committee’s legal representative Sam Bokang Plaatjie said he wants the matter to be closed so that his clients can execute their mandate.

“The BFA is yet to charge them and justice delayed is justice denied. My clients have been suspended for so long without charge and after two years, they are yet to be charged. It is impacting on their freedoms,” he says.

Plaatjie is of the view that when the BFA hosts its elective assembly, his clients should be part of the assembly.

“As members of the First Division North committee, they have the right to vote and keeping them suspended long without charge takes away their right to vote in the coming elective assembly,” he says.

“They have submitted their names as delegates of FDN and they are the only ones who are competent to vote as they have been properly elected into office,” he adds.

Plaatjie however sees no intention to resolve the matter as ‘the interim committee owes allegiance to the current NEC whose members will be seeking their vote in the coming BFA elections.’

He however says his ‘clients were legally elected into office by competent structures and had a duty to run the operations of FIRST Division North undertakings.’  

Asked when they submitted their names as delegates, Plaatjie says after they won their case at the BFA Disciplinary Committee and were reinstated, ‘they submitted their names.’

The BFA NEC appealed the ruling and their application was upheld as the BFA appeals committee overturned the BFA DC decision. The BFA Appeals committee sent the matter back to the BFA DC for the matter to be adjudicated by full committee. 

The BFA appeals Committee also ruled that the BFA NEC should charge the committee if they still maintain any wrong doing, something which is yet to be done.

“We have communicated with BFA to act on the matter and facilitate for its hearing and it has never happened up to today. My clients are still yet to be charged,” he notes.

Plaatjie is however worried that his clients are yet to receive any communication from BFA.

“What we want is justice to be done. It is our intention to place the matter before the DC because we really want to avoid a litigation route. We want the BFA to give the committee their day to appear before DC,” he says.

He wants the BFA to come forth and assist in making sure the matter is closed fairly. “We are not fighting the BFA. Our clients’ rights have been trampled upon and all we seek is justice,” Plaatjie concludes.


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