Friday, June 2, 2023

Swimming academy dives to save lives

Propellers Swimming Academy has gone beyond swimming as a sport to help save dear lives. 

In partnership with Lifesaving Botswana, they strive to educate the nation of Botswana on the importance of water safety and water rescue techniques.

The water-sport training institution has gone beyond offering Athletic development support pathway to include the lifeguard training as part of a program they offer. 

As a member to lifesaving Botswana and also as one of the makers of Propellers, Simon Tshwaane said a lot of things happen when people go swimming even on a board cruise and their existence is to help save lives.

“We deal with the mandate of water safety and currently our country only has eight lifeguards which is not enough,” he said. 

Due to this, the academy will be conducting a lifeguard training course beginning of February. This will be conducted at their premises in Molapo crossing, Kacks Gym. And another one will be done in Maun by reflections company.  

“We are trying to increase the number of lifeguards in the country. Hotels, schools and every area with water must have a lifeguard. So that if there are floods or someone sinking like we have seen happen at the Big Five Lodge lifeguards will be available at all times because they are high risk areas,” Tshwaane said.  

Highlighting that they want to train people not for fun but to help save a life. Adding that each participate will be awarded a certificate of completion and would be eligible to be a lifeguard. 

“We have different programs at Propellers Swimming academy, it may be an institution for the sport of swimming but more can be done still using sport to push awareness and also help with lifestyle issues,” he concluded.


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