Thursday, July 18, 2024

Swimming team ready for Africa Youth Games

Connie Mogara, the manager of the swimming national team, has revealed that the eight players who have been selected to represent the country at the Africa Youth Games are physically and mentally fit. She expressed confidence that the swimming national team will be able to hold its own against the 46 nations that will be competing at the Africa Youth Games.

“It’s going to be a tough one for our boys and girls because they will be competing against swimming powerhouses like Egypt and South Africa. But Team Botswana is going to give its best,” she said.

She revealed that the young local swimmers’ have international gala experience, commitment, and lots of support from the Botswana National Olympic Committee. Team Botswana swimmers have participated in the South African championships, level 2 and level 3 swimming galas. In August last year four young swimmers who are part of the current national team took part in the junior world sports championship held in Dubai. The four were Naomi Ruele, David Van Der Colff, Tanya Toth and Kgosietsile Molefhinyane. Ruele and Van Der Colff came back with medals and they will be competing in the Youth Olympics in August this year.

“As we speak, these four are in camp in South Africa and they will be joining the other four in few days,” said Mogara.

The other swimmers are busy training at Thornhill Primary School and they look fit enough to take on Africa. The whole squad comprises of boys: Kgosietsile Molefhinyane, David Van Der Colff, Kitso Matija and Andre Van Der Merwe. The girls are: Naomi Ruele, Amantle Mogara, Seabe Ebineng and Tanya Toth. Meanwhile, the University of Botswana pool will be heated so that the water will not be too cold for the swimmers in this winter season. Botswana Swimming Sport Association Secretary Bongi Ruele said the pool will be ready next week.

“We were worried by the unavailability of the timing system and the scoreboard, but we were told they will be arriving next week,” she said.


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