Monday, May 20, 2024

Taekwondo athlete to give the local sport a kick

A Taekwondo athlete from Botswana, Alfred Madome who is undergoing the Cultural Initiative Program (CPI) organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea has received a Self-defence certificate. 

The certificate was handed to Madome two weeks ago by Grandmaster (GM) Hyo Joo Lee after he completed 2 months self-defense training as part of the 5 months training program he is to complete in the last week of November.

Madome is one of the luckiest athletes selected to take part in the highly sought after programme.

Only twelve countries were earmarked for the programme, from which a single athlete per country was chosen.

Madome told Sunday Standard that, “this certificate means a lot to me as an athlete because it means I have mastered the self defence techniques and applications which I did not know and most people still do not know.” 

“This also benefits Taekwondo in Botswana as I will go back and share the techniques and applications I have acquired with other local athletes. This is a great achievement for me and the future of Taekwondo in Botswana,” he said.

The karateka said he went to Korea on the 12th of July at the invitation of the World Taekwondo Head quarters (KUKKIWON).

He says he is expecting another certificate at the end of the five months training that he will complete next month. Madome added that this is not about training but to emphasise on exchange of culture through sports and arts.
While Madome is relishing his stay in Korea, his selection seems to have polarized opinions within the Botswana Taekwondo Association (BTA).

Among those unhappy with Madome’s selection is BTA President Vinay Naicker.

The BTA president says while he is happy that a local athlete is taking part in the programme, he is however unhappy with the Korea’s choice.

Naicker said he had gone to Korea and vouched for a dedicated black belt female athletes Thato Tau to be selected, but was not successful for Taekwondo is highly dominated by men . 

“The five months Programme consists of Oriental and cultural activities, Korean language school, Individual Taekwondo training, Participation in Various Taekwondo events and competitions and all activities which commenced on the July 2017 and will conclude on the 30th of December 2017,” Naicker explained

It is anticipated that on his return, Madome will be involved in training of Taekwondo and promoting the sport at grassroots level throughout Botswana. BTA offers free training to students at government schools across the country.


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