Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Tap that potential!

It’s not every day you hear about a person that can help you change, and it turns out to actually be true. It also doesn’t occur every day that you hear a person speak simple home truths and leave feeling as if you could start over… except this time you really are going to make it work. Not only make it work, but make it work for you.

A company called Transformational Minds recently invited Dr. John Demartini to come speak in Gaborone for one day only. The seminar held at the Gaborone Sun was attended by the corporate world’s decision makers as well as tomorrow’s promising leaders. In itself that leaders of Botswana’s biggest companies took time out of their schedules to listen to Dr. Demartini more than raises an eyebrow; it makes one sit up and pay attention. The theme for the seminar was “Awaken your Entrepreneurial Spirit” and the man who led the seminar was inspiration itself.

Who Dr. John Frederick Demartini is would take another whole article in itself. However, what is important is this, Dr. Demartini is a man who has triumphed over challenging life circumstances. Teachers had written him off; he once was a dyslexic, and even had a physical deformity from when he was younger. However, all these challenges have all failed to leave a negative mark on the 57-year-old man. What you get instead is a deeply knowledgeable speaker who has studied over 280 different academic disciplines. His Doctorate is in Chiropractic studies and he is also a Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator, Author and world renowned Speaker. The good doctor also has a penchant for purple ties.

At the Gaborone Sun, Botswana’s corporate leaders were taken though methods designed to help them be more self-governed and empowered in all areas of their lives. Dr. Demartini touched on key areas of life, not just finance or career related matters. Family, spiritual and even social aspects are all integral parts of developing inherent potential and fulfilling life goals.

The Transformational Minds presented seminar couldn’t have come at a more opportune time looking at the mining and business developments within the country. No doubt the global economic doldrums also call for inspiration within the business community. At the Gaborone Sun, business competitors sat side by side and engaged with Dr. Demartini, gaining insights that may help bring out new innovations from Botswana’s boardrooms. Transformational Minds is already planning to bring back Dr. Demartini next year; there is ample time left to book yourself a seat on the next inspirational journey.


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