Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tati Nickel commits to cooperation with Namibia council

The general manager of the Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC) mining giant, Sebetlela Sebetlela, enchanting the Enhana Town District Council delegation from Namibia committed his organisation to working hand in hand with the North East District Council to help develop the district.

Sebetlela said while most organisations or companies were only perceived as profit making entities only interested in raking in profits, TNMC had the welfare of the people at heart.

“Although we are a profit oriented company, our common objective is to develop the lives of both our employees and the community and further strengthen our relationship with the North East District Council,” he said.
He pointed out that TNMC as a mining company had embarked on working with the NEDC for the common purpose of seeing the district and the people’s live improving for the better. He said that as part of the private sector they were not very different to the public sector as each of them had the common objective of developing the lives of people.

Sebetlela further mentioned that as TNMC, they did not have readymade solutions but engaged with the people from the different communities as a way of studying their aspirations. He pointed out that they consulted with stakeholders, which has seen them succeed in a lot of community projects.

The Mayor of Enhana from Namibia, Julia Ndeabo Shikongo, also the head of the visiting delegation, indicated that their visit to the North East District Council had benefited them a lot as they learnt a lot especially about the operations of the mine.

She said one of their main interests was to learn how the mine dealt with waste management. She further indicated that the councillors were the pillars for development in every community.
The Enhana Town Council and the NEDC have a twinning agreement. The memorandum of agreement was signed in July last year.


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