Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tati Nickel MD raises fears of mine closure in 2015

The top management of Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC) has hailed the ABC strategy that was adopted early this year to turn around the fortunes of the mine owned by Norilsk Nickel with a small minority by government.

The company’s Managing Director, Sergey Steshenko, said that the strategy has helped the mine survive the odds and praised the employees for working as a team despite the challenges faced by the mine.

“This was a survival strategy and I also want to give you credit as employees of Tati Nickel for having worked around the clock to ensure that our survival strategy is a success,” he told a staff party.

“I commend you for the commitment and talent, coupled by your creativity and innovation,” he added.

The ABC strategy was adopted in May 2013 to address challenges faced by the mine at a time when the challenges faced by the mine included amongst others, declining ore grades, high production costs and poor commercial terms of selling the product.
The strategy seeks to prolong the mine’s lifespan to 2015 by increasing production, cutting down production costs and improving commercial terms of concentrate sales and treatment.

“Today we can safely say that mining at our Tati Nickel Phoenix Mine will continue until the end of 2015,” revealed Steshenko.
The MD said for the past four to five years, the company went through a bumpy road mainly because of the global economic slowdown which continues to haunt the mine.

He raised fears over the closure of the mine in 2015 saying that it will affect the city of Francistown as Tati Nickel has a substantial contribution to its economy. The mine does a lot of direct and indirect business with a good number of companies in and around Francistown, which further contributes to employment creation.

“Besides business we are also partnering with government in the development of the lives of Batswana through our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Our efforts have been geared towards education, health, support of charitable organizations and village development structures to name a few,” he added. Stenshenko said that the end of the year 2013 marks the beginning of a new challenge awaiting them in 2014 to improve the company’s performance. He explained that the strategy they have in place will serve as a guide for them on how best they can survive.

“The future of this company, and indeed that of the economy of Francistown and the surrounding areas solely depends on all of us as employees of Tati Nickel, and because we care we must vouch to work even harder in the next year,” said Steshenko.


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