Monday, May 16, 2022

Tawana planning to sue Khama!

Maun West Member of Parliament Tawana Moremi is still haunted by events of October 10, 2014, when he was degraded by Botswana Democratic Party big shots at a political star rally in Maun. Initially Tawana had made it clear that he was not willing to take the matter forward, stating then that whoever had a hand in the insults had wasted their time as he was not by any means shaken. But his mind has since changed.

He now appears to be more than willing to engage the courts to face his adversaries. He said he recently sent out messages to people whom he singled out as being very dominant in the insults.
One message, he says, has been sent to the Bangwato in Serowe and another to Bangwaketse in Kanye to make them aware of his and Matsaakgang’s intentions. With mounting pressure from his regiment of Matsaakgang to sue, Tawana said he is now willing to go the legal route.

He told a packed kgotla meeting this week that he felt dishonoured and that he has given the issue a second thought. He said the Bogosi Act has it in black and white that trespassing in another chief’s territory is an offence that is punishable by law.

“So this is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to make people see their wrongs and let justice prevail. How does someone just appear from nowhere and start ridiculing me? They even had the nerve to call my people Matawana instead of Batawana.That’s belittling people and it’s so shameful”, he said amid ululations from the audience.

Tawana went on to say people abuse the freedom associated with politics and mistake it for a platform where they can say whatever comes to mind. He said even president Khama seems to have forgotten the 5D’s which he introduced when he took office. He wondered then why the president could expect the nation to dance to his tune because it has become apparent that he has failed to lead by example.

“I would also like to assure you that it is well with my family. I have decided to take my children out of the heat of the burning fire as it might affect them. As I speak, they are both in boarding schools, the eldest is in Zimbabwe and his sister in South Africa. The youngest is with their mother and they are all doing well. This year proves to be a good year for us as a family. I am told people used to question my health status as they thought I was losing weight. The good news is that doctors have confirmed that I am also doing well health-wise as you can see”, said Tawana sending the gathering in stitches of laughter.

Since the insults came out, the Matsaakgang regiment has become closer to their chief than ever before. Nothing much was known about them before then and their visibility in the village has even increased.

Tawana also expressed worry about the level of poverty in Ngamiland. But with the mushrooming of mines in the district, he said he sees light at the end of the tunnel, adding, “This is a great opportunity for all of us to move forward. So instead of worrying and dwelling on things that we know we cannot change, let us see how we can benefit from these mines. I am told some are still at exploration stage, so keep your hopes pinned for a better future ahead”.

Meanwhile Kgosing ward councillor, Galaletsang Mhapha, has distanced himself from the insults hurled at Tawana on that fateful day. He said he wasn’t even present at the said rally on the day in question, adding also that it was very unfortunate that his chief had to undergo such abuse and rude behaviour from people, some of whom are not even his subjects. He labelled Tawana as a very humble man who deserves to be treated with dignity as he never retaliates.

He quoted an adage that says “a stubborn fly follows a corpse to the grave”, meaning they won’t take the matter lying down and that they will fight to the bitter end in all matters concerning their respected chief. “Le nna ba nroakile rra batho ba gago, ga ke riana ke tshwanetse go palama fly ka ya go seka ko Gaborone”, he said. Loosely translated, he meant he has also been humiliated by the same people, and that very soon he will be flying to Gaborone for a disciplinary hearing. Him and another BDP councillor recently defied a BDP caucus agreement that they shouldn’t stand for the elections of North West District council chairman and deputy council chairman respectively. The move was seen as a disgrace by the party leadership, therefore meaning they have a case to answer.


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