Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tawana’s court case continued to next year

The ongoing case in which former Big Brother housemate, Tawana Lebani, is accused of allegedly driving while under the influence was this week postponed by Extension 2 Magistrate, Mmereki Rebaone.

The former Big Brother housemate is facing four charges, which include drunken driving, failure to provide breath specimen, assaulting police officers and using insulting language.

Tawana is alleged to have driven a green Opel Corsa cat while under the influence of alcohol. After being signalled to stop, Tawana pulled over at a bus stop near South Ring Mall.

The car had three occupants and there were allegedly some 750 ml bottles found in the car.

This is according to state witness Sergeant Seleka of Urban Police Station, who gave evidence before court on Monday.

Seleka said that other occupants in the car showed remorse but Tawana allegedly started insulting police officers, and allegedly refused to be addressed by special constables, so they called for backup.

Seleka of Urban Police Station told the court that Tawana then further assaulted police officers and tried to resist arrest as she held on to the back of the police van, kicking and shouting.

After finally getting her into the van, Tawana continued insulting officers and was later pinched by Special Constable Lekgoba. Tawana then retaliated by biting Lekgoba’s hand.

For her part, Lekgoba admitted to pinching Tawana. She said it was meant to tone Tawana down.

Upon arrival at Broadhurst Police station, Tawana allegedly refused to give a breath specimen. She said she wanted to be tested by the officer whom she had bitten. Her mother was eventually called to come and plead with the infuriated Tawana. It came to no use as Tawana allegedly kept on telling her mother to ‘shut up’.

Tawana Lebani’s defence counsel, Khumo Motse, went on an onslaught on Monday as he argued the facts of the case.

For more than two hours Motse argued that Tawana got uncooperative because she was defending herself against abusive officers.

“Didn’t Tawana tell you that she didn’t do the breathalyzer test because she was suffocating?” asked Motse. “Did you give her the option of getting her blood extracted instead?”

Motse further told the court that they could not prove that Tawana was drunk as the police officer failed to take a blood sample, which Motse said Tawana was prepared to give to the officer whom she had bitten.

State prosecutor O B Matlhodi did not approve of Tawana’s use of abusive language.

Magistrate Rebaone reserved ruling until next year.

The next mention will be in early February 2011.

The state wants more time and witnesses in order to revoke bail for Tawana.


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