Friday, April 12, 2024

Taxman speaks out on ouster plan

The acting Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS), Commissioner General Segolo Lekau is on slippery ground as the plot to oust him thickens. It has emerged that the BURS board has secretly engaged a notorious sleuth to investigate Lekau. In an interview with Sunday Standard t Lekau confirmed that he was aware if the investigation.

“I am aware that I am being investigated even though I was not officially informed about such investigations and why I am being investigated,” he said. He told Sunday Standard that he was also aware that there are certain individuals who are conniving with other powerful people to oust him from his position and to tarnish his name.

“I am not going to let this happen and I should warn them now that I am not an easy target as they may thought.” He explained that sometime last year there was an executive vacant post that was to be filled in which all the necessary procedures were followed to ensure that the position is filled by a competent candidate through a lawful and transparent process.

He said a reputable recruitment agency was identified to facilitate the recruitment process and a competent candidate was identified. The name of the candidate was then forwarded to the board. The board as the appointing authority gave the green light to the appointment.

He further explained that after some time an anonymous complaint was made alleging that the recruitment process was not transparent. He states that the allegation did not hold water and it was unfortunate that it has been blown out of proportion.

“I am not at liberty to suggest those who blew the matter out of the proportion,” he said. He stated that at the moment he has not yet been called by the board nor the investigators to give his side of the story.

He said though he does not understand why he has not been appointed, if given the opportunity to work under a contract he will be ready to serve the public.

He said since acting for the position, he has never experienced any political interference.


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