Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Teachers implicated in students love affairs about to learn their fate

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development is expected to announce next month the fate of six teachers at Shakawe Senior Secondary who were suspended from the teaching fraternity almost year ago.

They were suspended from duty after they were accused of having had sexual relations with students.
An investigation team was established to probe the allegations.

Reports from Shakawe indicate that the Ministry will in February announce the fate of six male teachers who were interdicted after they were implicated in sexual relations with the students.

It is reported that the Ministry is expected to use the findings that were recommended by the task team that was formed to probe the matter.

A close source at the Ministry indicated that the suspended teachers will be fired from the teaching fraternity as the government continues to be disturbed by the incidents of teachers who have sexual relations with students. The source reveals that though it took a very long time to resolve the matter, the report is quiet voluminous and somehow the general elections that were held last year also contributed to the delay as well as the change of office of the former PS, Grace Muzila, who was transferred to National Coordinating AIDS Agency.

North West Regional Education director Acronews Maseko told The Telegraph this week that the teachers will know their fate before the end of next month. He said investigations have long been completed and the report has been compiled and handed to the Minister’s office and Permanent Secretary’s Office.

Maseko stated that although the general public may somehow criticise the ministry for taking took long to resolve the matter, they had to do a thorough job and normally such investigations are not as easy and are time consuming.

“Therefore the public should have patience as the matter is nearing to be resolved. I am not in the position to disclose our recommendations as the region; the ministry will be better placed either to take our recommendations or overrule us,” he said.

Maseko indicated that both the Minister and the PS “will in due course reveal the findings of the investigations.”
He appealed to the public, especially men, whether teachers or not to desist from the habit of having sexual relations with students saying they result in unwanted pregnancies as well as sexual transmitted diseases.

Meanwhile the ministry took a decision that all those who fail their Cambridge exams should be sent to different schools across the country and the majority were sent to Good Hope Senior where they repeated their GCCSE after the School performed badly.   

In 2013, in a related matter, a senior teacher at Ledumang Secondary School was expelled from the Teaching Service due to love affairs with students. In a dramatic turn of events, his headmaster was also demoted to head of department.


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