Saturday, December 3, 2022

Teenager turns on boyfriend for refusing to sleep with her

A teenage girl doused her boyfriend and his son with paraffin because he refused to sleep with her.

Gomolemo Itumeleng (18), from Siga ward in Ramotswa, was this week convicted and slapped with a six months extra mural sentence for attempting to burn her boyfriend and his son.

According to the evidence led by Urban Police Station Stg Lepodise, Gomolemo went to his boyfriend Gaseswele Mosalagae’s house at three in the morning and found him sleeping with his son.

Stg Lepodise told the court that Mosalagae told Gomolemo who wanted to join them in bed to go back home and sleep, but she refused and an argument ensued.

The accused then took a paraffin lamp and emptied it on Mosalagae and then went back home seething with anger.

.The prosecution told the court that such cases were troubling police officers and often led to passion killings. He told the court to take strong action against the teenager who he said wanted to burn his boyfriend.

In mitigation, Gomolemo asked the court not to lock her up because she was a first offender and said she want to rebuild her life again.

Before passing the sentence Urban Customary Court Deputy President, Kgosimotse Sebele, told the court that Gomolemo deserved to go to jail for what she had done.


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