Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Temperature rises in Premier League battles

A convincing 4-0 win by Notwane and a goalless draw by BMC over the weekend show that the real battle has begun.
Now the boys are being mercilessly being separated from the men.

Since the beginning of the league, these two teams have been registering unimpressive results.

It was Notwane’s second victory in this year’s league championships and it was a convincing one.

BMC, on the other hand, has been losing matches by wider margins and, against Gunners, they proved that they are not relegation candidates and want to survive at all costs.

What surprised many people is that they even played most of the match one man short, following the dismissal of their Zambian international Owen Mwendabai, who was making his debut.

Few people thought Gunners were going to have an easy victory but it was not to be as they wasted several of their clear cut scoring opportunities. Notwane, who, for the most part of the league, were rooted at the bottom of the league, have now moved to the middle of the table.

Rookie teams are now the ones having it tough and they have to triple their efforts if they are to survive.

Meanwhile, Township Rollers are definitely flying high and if teams do not contain them now, Rollers will run away with the league title they last won in 2005.

What is interesting about Rollers is that they are not underestimating other teams as they win by wider margins. They look to be taking matches as they come. Also, their top man, Terrence Mandaza, is very consistent as he scores in almost every match.

Mochudi Centre Chiefs might be breathing heavily behind Rollers but, as things stand, the eight point gap is just too much and it will take time to close it.

Although Chiefs have one game in hand, they should never relax because, like they say, the ball is round and might roll in any direction.


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