Thursday, July 7, 2022

Tension continues to haunt Tonota College of Education

After a month of boycotting classes, tension is brewing again at Tonota College of Education. Students are now calling for action to be taken against the school management.

They accuse management of taking their concerns for granted, saying that they have tried to communicate their grievances to the Principal, Leonard Muthetho, and to date nothing has been done. Instead their misery continues.

“I was a member of the Students Representative Council and I had to quit because I was threatened by school management,” revealed a former SRC member.

It is alleged that the Principal uses threats to silence students, and he never listens to them. The students also said learning at the institution is not conducive because management does not care about their welfare. One student said they are threatened whenever they raise complaints.
“This institution has a problem and there is need to replace management for the sake of progress,” said a student.

The students allege that after last month’s class boycott some of them have been blacklisted, and the lecturers always remind them during lessons that management is going to discipline them.
“There is also favouritism when it comes to marks, especially with regard to assignments,” a student revealed.

He further said there are some students who do not attend classes at all but the school never takes any action against them, while some of these students are always given good marks.
The Northern Regional Director, Molebe Morolong, told Sunday Standard that she is not aware of any problems at the institution.

She said if students have any misunderstandings with the school management they are welcome to come and register their complaints at her office so that they can be resolved.
“My office is always open and students are welcome to come and voice their concerns to me so that such issues can be resolved,” she said.


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