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Thapong Artist of the Year competition now on

The annual Thapong Artist of the Year 2012 (TAYA) will be held on the 15th November 2012 to recognize the work of visual artists in Botswana and to provide a platform for networking and exchange of ideas among the visual artists. 

TAYA also promotes art appreciation in the public arena, to increase the standard of the quality of art being produced in Botswana and to encourage artists and challenge their creativity by thinking ‘outside the box’.

Submitted entries will be judged and the best artworks selected, based on the criteria that the artworks are original, innovative/creative and that the subject matter and the work have not been exhibited previously. 

The background and professional experience of the participating artists will also be taken into consideration when selecting prize winners.

Participation is open to all Thapong members but please note that membership fees must be paid and up-to-date for one to participate. Participants must be 18 years old or above.

Each artist may submit a maximum of three artworks in each category accompanied by the respective application form, filled and signed. By signing, the artist indicates that they agree to obey the regulations and conditions of the Thapong Artist of the Year Awards.

Thapong members shall be responsible for transporting their submissions to and from Thapong.  All artists must collect their artworks no later than 30 days after the end of the exhibition. Thapong will not be liable for artworks not collected after that period.

Categories are: Drawing (A); Painting (B); Printmaking (C); Photography (D); Sculpture (E); Installation (F); Crafts & design; (G); other media or expressive forms accommodated by Visual Arts.

Artworks must be new, innovative/creative and not have been exhibited anywhere else in Botswana.  Maximum artwork dimensions must be respectively the following: Two-dimensional artworks should not exceed 80cmx1.4m; Three-dimensional artworks should not exceed 200x100x100cm.

Thapong Visual Arts Centre will receive a 20 percent commission from each sold artwork.

Except in cases when artists impose limitations, free reproduction of artworks shall be authorized through the Media with the exclusive objective of promoting and advertising the event.


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