Monday, September 25, 2023

The annual cycling race to be ridden in Orapa next Sunday


The Orapa Cycling Club will host a classic cycling race with categories that include 115km, for P250, 55 km for P200, 20km fun ride for P100 with P50 discounted for ladies, juniors and youth registrations.

The Orapa classic, an annual event, is organized to raise funds to support the underprivileged members of the community. Orapa Cycling Club chairman Bryan Makhwaje said this year they hope to on put a smile on the community they reside in. The theme for this year, “Inclusive Cycling”, is aimed at supporting participation of all people in the sport of cycling as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.

When asked how preparations are going, Makhwaje said the commitment, support and approval from all stakeholders are a sign that ends will be met.

“Preparations are going well. Our stakeholders such as Botswana Cycling Association and the Botswana Police Service are happy with the how the event will turn out. Several sponsors have also pledged monetary and financial support for the event,” the Chairman noted.

“At start and finish point in Orapa, there will be a hospitality tent where spectators can lounge and watch the race start as well as when I finishes. There will also be children’s entertainment area where there will be jumping castles as well as cleared race track away from the road where younger children will ride and compete safely,” added Makhwaje.

Moreover, Makhwaje opined that they intend to have music to serenade the young.

“Registration is done online through UCB Timing, as well as manually at Ultimate Cycle Base in Orapa. So far we have 100 participants who have registered, as is custom we expect more people to register on the last week,” he added.

He further added that they are anticipating not less than 200 participants, adding that people can register for fun or for competition for any of the race lengths according to their capabilities.

He said “Funds raised from 2016 Orapa classic whose theme was “Bikes for Education” were used to purchase a photocopier and Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) revision books for Matshumu Primary School in Boteti Sub district.”

“This initiative had significant impact on the performance of the learners from that school. In 2017 we geared towards procuring equipment to assist with cycling development. To date, the club has procured a bicycle trailer, to enable transportation of bicycles whilst participating in races,” added Makhwaje.

He further noted that the event will have special emphasis on participation of women and children. He said “We aim to achieve this through discounts for affected age groups, as well as prizes for positions 1 to 5 for young women and children, as compared to prizes for positions 1 to 3 as is customary for others.”


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