Thursday, June 13, 2024

The BDP celebrates 49 years of mediocrity

When I learnt that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) would be celebrating its 49 years of existence, on first thought I simply let it pass because it is their choice to celebrate like anyone would celebrate his/her birthday.

On second thought, particularly after noting that the party intends to hold rallies and concerts countrywide, I asked myself ‘is it not one of their ways to show off their loot’?
In addition to rallies and concerts, the party will be dishing out stickers and pamphlets in a way that is likely to paint Botswana red and black.

It seems as though the BDP is going to spend handsomely. And perhaps the celebrations are feeble and thinly veiled efforts to hoodwink the people of Botswana and create a few more millionaires from amongst themselves by giving themselves contracts for the numerous activities planned as well as the goods and services for the so-called celebrations.

Other than this supposition (an insensitive and pompous public display of their tenderpreneur skills ÔÇô a recent term for fat chaps who win big money state tenders with monotonous regularity and often through underhand tactics) I find no justification for the BDP to be partying for 28 days.
The BDP is the reason why hundred thousands of Batswana are living in abject poverty.

The BDP is the reason why hundred thousands of Batswana are without jobs which makes the celebrations repulsive. The BDP is the reason why many Botswana citizens identify more with South Africa than with their own country because Botswana is inhospitable to the ordinary man in the street with fewer opportunities for those who are not connected.

Are such achievements worth celebrating for 28 days? Self-praise is no praise and all their chest-thumping and patting has no relevance to those of us who struggle to make a living.
In fact, it is absolute nonsense and naked arrogance to use millions of pula to celebrate your achievements in screwing voters.

Over the years, the BDP has become a champion of corruption and nepotism in a way that has legitimized the self-enrichment of a small group of people with a reputation for BDP fanaticism.

Is it right for the BDP to set aside large sums of money for special advertizing supplements in the local media to highlights their wickedness? This just shows that when the BDP is not pilfering, they are showing off what the best life can offer. Our hospitals and other basic facilities are run down while those privileged through corrupt practices take medical treatment in South Africa. Is this an achievement worth celebrating?

Celebrating mediocrity is like glorifying failure because it stands in the way of success. It makes the BDP accept whatever less comes their way. It makes them institutionalize a losing mindset that is premised on ‘trying’ rather than excelling. It gives the impression that they are actually doing us a big favor by trying so hard to develop this country.

This perspective compels many of us idiots to worship and adore them and salivate at their wealth and celebrate with them for screwing us.

The BDP has been governing this country along the lines of banditry hence we have one Botswana for the monied members of the BDP who use security agents to make us submit to their whims and another Botswana for the rest of us who provide some kind of comic relief by reciting praise poems that are on the whole much ado about nothing.

And for this reason, for the whole month of February 2011, the BDP big wigs would be showing off their wealth while a majority of the party members and some ready-to-be screwed brainless natives worship them on empty stomachs.

Given their wealth and a penchant to show off, the BDP celebrations are likely to take the form of sushi parties in South Africa where delicious sushi would be served off the bodies of bikin-clad young girls sprawled on the bonnets of their luxury cars to display unbelievable sophistication.
This is defining feature of most ruling party politicians, especially in Africa, who have amassed too much wealth often through unconventional means and wanting to set themselves apart from the stinking masses.

The top cream of the African National Congress (ANC) ocassionally organizes such parties to enjoy themselves and reflect on their achievements. The norm is for ruling parties to exchange notes on matters of mutual interests (the ANC & the BDP have been exchanging visits for sometime now) and we can only surmise that the idea has since been imported into the BDP’s vocabulary.

Along the same lines, the BDP planned celebrations reminds me of the Halloween holiday which is celebrated in a variety of ways the world over. A common feature of Halloween celebrations is for children to dress in horror costumes and hold midnight parties that are often interspersed with fireworks.

Whereas Halloween is not a very popular event in Botswana, it is slowly finding space in our calendar of events. Of late school children are encouraged to observe the event by dressing up in scary stuff like witches hats and demon faces. They are also encouraged to tell scray stories and watch horror films.

As the BDP threatens to turn Botswana red, one is reminded of these Halloween festivities. Is the BDP giving us an early Halloween holiday? Imagine the BDP big wigs clad in red costumes being served braai pieces off scantily-dressed female entertainers.

Whether the celebrations are sincerely meant to appreciate their existence as a big organization or whatever, February 2011 will go down in local history as a month of mischief; a demon inspired and devil glorifying month. It is a month of celebrating corruption, joblessness, extreme poverty, extra-judicial killings and many more such evils deeds. In the United Kingdom, Halloween day is thought to be a day of the year when ghosts, witches and other evil creatures are most active.
Good people it is your choice to celebrate with them. After all illusion is the first of all pleasures. However, if you choose to join them in having fun, please ‘be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour’ (1 Peter 5:8).

Be careful, you might as well become part of their sushi. What a circus! Sushi partying for 28 days to celebrate 49 years of mediocrity!

Happy birthday to you!!

Enjoy the sushi while it lasts!!


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