Thursday, May 23, 2024

The emerging global sexual revolution

Like everything in the world that is constantly evolving, sexual intercourse has not been an exception. The act has come a long way from being an act of pro creation enjoyed by those bound in wedlock to being enjoyed by many for recreation. It is no longer limited to a husband and wife for the purposes of making offspring.

We are currently witnessing same sex sexual intercourse, group sexual encounters and in some instances self gratification can be salvaged by the aid of various toys which have become very popular seeing as next to masturbation, it is the safest way to relieve sexual tension without the fear of Sexual Transmitted Infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Alongside these dramatic sexual changes came the evolution of Sexual Reproductive Health, especially for women. Women of the 21st century have come a long way from when they were timid and ruled by men in the bedroom to a point where they can play vixens and take control by actually ripping condoms open with their teeth and personally sliding it down their mans’ phallus without so much as batting an eye lid. One might say they are literally taking matters into their own hands.

In order to prevent pregnancy, there has been quite a variety of options to choose from which include chemical (spermicides, Hormone replacement Therapy), physical (IUD, Diaphragm), gadgets which have proven to be very effective if used correctly, but for the more dangerous STIs, the condom is the only mode of contraception that made the cut.

Now the condom has gone off on a tangent and staged its own evolution to keep up with the changing sexual changes and lifestyle. Anal sex for one is longer the taboo it used to be and is not only practiced by homosexual men but heterosexual couples also engage in anal sex. It must however be considered that the anus is extremely sensitive and it requires a lot of lubrication alongside condoms. Because of its sensitivity some people may choose to use numbing cream which has proven to be dangerous since a lot of anal tearing may occur without the partners noticing because of the lack of the pain. The penis may also pick a lot of bacteria during anal sex and it is therefore crucial that the anus be the last place the penis penetrates since the penis may be carrying a lot of bacteria thus needing to be thoroughly cleaned before continuing intercourse.

For oral sex, the condom factories have developed various ranges of flavoured condoms ideal for the act. These condoms are often marketed as a way to improve the experience of performing safe oral sex, specifically safer blowjobs. Vaginal sex should be avoided when using these condoms since the flavourings may lead to yeast infections in ladies. Not only do the flavoured condoms look good, they smell and taste good as well.

As the sexual revolution continues, we will be waiting with bated breath on the next best thing in the industry. It is going to take a considerable amount of time considering the current variety and trends.


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