Monday, March 4, 2024

The expo was a natural night for the women

It is no secret that Botswana is home to intelligent and talented people, many of them women with hands that create fine artistic pieces.

The opening ceremony for the 18th National Women’s Expo was held at Fairground Holdings towards the end of June 2017 where women came to showcase their immense talent and creativity through their products and services.

From unique leather umbrellas and gift bags created by Skin & Things Consultancy, to decadent gourmet chocolate produced by Dream Creamery and make-up services such as Nora Cosmetics. The exhibition halls boomed with all kinds of things Batswana women had to offer to the public.

The National Women’s Expo is an annual event that enables new and experienced entrepreneurs to display what they have to offer to future clientele.  This year’s event proved to be even better than the last as more women had come to exhibit.

The ceremony began with warm remarks from Banny Molosiwa, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs. “I am from seeing a new Botswana that produces and provides amazing products and services. Tonight is a night that warms the heart after viewing what the stalls hold,” said Molosiwa.

She went on to encourage the women to exercise the value-change production in order for their businesses to excel and interact with other business owners so as to create a larger network. “Hard work never killed anyone,” as she quoted Edgar Bergen. The eccentric Nnunu Ramogomotsi livened up the night as she performed Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, a dedication to all the women in attendance to honour the work they have put into their businesses.

The theme for this year’s expo was Be Bold for Change ÔÇô Connecting Women to Greater Markets. It is a simple reflection and direction of how the government wants to elevate Botswana women in the business arena.  Edwin Batshu was the guest of honour.

He gave praises to the women for the work they displayed. “I always look forward to this event because it provides an opportunity to measure whether we are successful as government in our endeavours to improve the quality of the lives of our citizens,” he said.

Batshu went on to say that the government continues to prioritize gender equality as an indispensable part of development. The promotion of women empowerment as well still forms a central part of global priorities that continue to be monitored through the African Union Agenda 2063.

He applauded the women saying: “Women of Botswana are independent and moving forward.” Poppy Kgabung, chief judge at the expo, encouraged the women to grow and compete with men.

Various prizes were awarded to some women at the expo. Some included merchandise from Orange which was a sponsor, 6 thousand pula, 2 thousand pula and a sewing machine. The night ended on a high note as the talented Nnunu performed for the remainder of the event.


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