Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Foundation returns with “Next Level”

Apollo Diablo is no stranger to Botswana’s Hip Hop scene and is well celebrated because of the strong lyrical content he writes.

Sasa Klass Passion is the newcomer who will be both the sugar and spice of the show.

Both of them have great chemistry together and are sure to be Botswana’s favourite presenter duo.
eBotswana proudly introduces Apollo Diablo and Sasa Klass Passion, as the hosts of this new local hip hop show: “The Foundation: Next Level”.

“This is a totally new upgrade and a revamp of the previous show, The Foundation, which aired on our screens late last year,” says the show’s Producer, Sidney Pheko.

The first show focused on uprooting talent from the streets of Gaborone and surrounding areas in celebration of all the elements that make up hip hop i.e. break dancing, rapping, graffiti, Deejaying, beat boxing, street fashion and street language.

The return of the Foundation: Next Level will be of a bigger and better magnitude. It shall continue to have its local appeal but will be different in the sense that it will showcase and celebrate hip hop as a culture and feature international acts.

“We are a purely entertainment channel and there is no doubt The Foundation: Next Level was re-launched at a time when our viewers are mostly looking for urban entertainment delivered in their living room. This year, look out for our new female presenter Sasa Klass Passion, who is the Root of Hip Hop, her Lyrics are the stem and her Music is the blossom… she is the Art of Hip Hop,” said eBotswana’s Head of Local Productions, Tlotlo Raymond Kgakatsi.

He added that Batswana can look forward to an international class show which is guaranteed to keep viewers glued to their screens each week.

The Foundation: Next Level airs every Thursday night, starting on the 24th of November at 8pm.


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