Friday, July 12, 2024

The House Show to target construction industry

The construction industry stakeholders are expected to converge for the country’s first ever House Show exhibition in Gaborone.

Architects Association of Botswana (AAB) Secretary, Gorata Kgafela, said during a media briefing that stakeholders in the construction industry, such as architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, real estate agents and property developers, are expected to take part at the exhibition in Gaborone.

Kgafela added that construction companies, government and public, financiers and building products suppliers will also interact and discuss issues related to house designs and other architectural developments.

She emphasized that the concept of the house show is to bring the consumers face to face with the various players of the industry and most, importantly with the professional and consultants that one requires for the successful execution of a building project.

“Our House Show will be carried out in an exhibition stalls format, pause areas and will allow each organization that is represented to get a chance to discuss intimately the services they offer and the value they add to a building project,” said Kgafela.

She said that key issues of public interest to be addressed at the house show include which construction professions are regulated in Botswana and who the necessary professionals to involve in a building project are. She added that part of the public interest information include which professionals are represented by associations and what the benefits of having registered professionals in a building project are.

“In addition to issues to be addressed through professional associations, we expect products suppliers to provide information during the exhibition,” she said.

She observed that most of the public members do not know which products are environmentally responsive to the climate and the advantages of a specific material choice over another.

“The exhibition as well as interaction promise to offer value that will reflect the unique experiences motivating the shoppers to discover new trends in the market,” said Kgafela.

She stated that every year AAB strives to improve architectural education and continuing professional development. She added that the core mandate of the association is to promote architecture in Botswana.

Meanwhile, the AAB is also expected to host the annual dinner for the stakeholders themed ‘Designing Tomorrow Today’. The guest speaker will be Van Bebber, the architect who conceptualized the Soccer City FNB Stadium in South Africa, which hosted the World Cup for the first time it was ever played in Africa.


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