Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The improving fortunes of Satmos

Selibe Phikwe side, FC Satmos made a name for themselves in the mid 1990s under the ownership of the late Sam Sono.

Satmos by then produced a lot of quality players and even ended up challenging for honours. Some of the renowned players they produced by include the likes of, Tiroyamodimo Mohambi, Kagiso Tshelametsi, Mogolodi ‘Sticks’ Chepete, Thobo Kgoboge and others.

Since the death of Sono, the team experienced dwindling fortunes. The relegation axe always hovered over their heads until they became First Division regulars.

Even when they got promoted to the elite league they only stayed for a season only to do down the following one.

They were even called all sorts of names names like points donors. Even when they got promoted for this season, they were also just dismissed as points’ donors. Satmos have since surprised many people by proving to be a force to reckon with.

They are no pushovers and have the potential to even finish in the top eight bracket. In the first round they gave most top teams a run for their money and it is not surprising they are currently on the seventh position before the weekend matches.

Ever since the second round started they have been fighting hard to get points. The team striker, Patrick Kaunda is even the current leading goal scorer in the Premier League, something that was unheard of in the past from Satmos.

Team coach, Mooketsi ‘China’ Mading told Sunday Standard that the reason they have managed to collects points to help them stay in the top eight bracket is because of thorough preparedness.
He said they were always relegating upon after promotions because they were not ready for Premier League challenge.

“Honestly we were not prepared enough to stay in the Premier League. We then learned from our mistakes and we are now getting there. However if you followed us, you would realise that we were playing well and creating many chances but we missed all of them. We then got punished for that and hence got relegated.” Mading also stressed that acquiring Kaunda proved to be the recipe they were all along looking for.

“Since we were creating so many chances, Kaunda is the kind of striker who would take a chance or two and that’s why he is the leading goalscorer in the Premier League. He is taking advantage of many chances that come his way,” he said.

On the other hand Mading made it clear that he does not want to put his players under unnecessary pressure.

He said when they got promoted, his wish was to survive the relegation and then take it from there.
He added that he is still maintaining the stance even though the players want to finish in the top eight.

“Honestly speaking any achievement beyond surviving the in the Premier League will be a bonus to me. My wish was to finish in a reputable position in the second season,” he said.


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