Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Khama family receives increased security attention

Mystery surrounds circumstances surrounding increased security presences following members of President Ian Khama’s family.

Sunday Standard can confirm that over the past few days, members of the intelligence and other security services have increased their presence around President Khama’s sister (Jacqueline) as well as the twin brothers (Anthony and Tshekedi), their spouses and children.

A source from inside the security services has confirmed that school going children from the Khama family have also been given increased security attention; a rare development in Botswana.

Under the national laws, only the Head of State and the Vice President have around the clock security agents following them.

It is only under extreme circumstances that any other individuals are given such security, as when a Senior Judge of the High Court and former Attorney General Ian Kirby received such security after the police had reason to believe his life was in danger.

It is not yet clear whether increased security surrounding the President’s family has anything to do with recent security developments around the country where there has been an outcry of increased extra-judicial killings.
A midweek Newspaper, Botswana Gazette has reported that the President has also had his security beefed UP and tightened after concerns that he was “no longer safe.”

Sunday Standard has, however, received reports from inside government (not independently verified) that some criminal elements were intent on avenging the lives of their associates who have been killed by state agencies.
Targets include security symbols including people perceived as responsible for running Botswana’s security apparatus.


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