Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The madness is here with BBA All Stars!

I will be the first to admit that I find it quite dull to sit in front of the television for hours and watch a couple of drunkards perform all sorts of insane acts, but somehow I find myself curious as what surprises this new season of big brother Africa (BBA) brings.

Forget the World Cup, everyone is past that and just as they were wondering what they were going to do with their time, BBA comes back and it promises to bring more entertainment and twists than the previous seasons.

Let’s not forget the fact that they choose to premier on legendary Nelson Mandela’s birthday, talk about exploiting opportunities at hand!

The producers of BBA sure knew how to grab Africa’s attention, what with the talk of mysterious housemates and a never before seen big brother.

This past Sunday I joined thousands of Africans sitting in front of their television sets waiting in anticipation to see who would be representing their countries.

I guess the big surprise was that the housemates would be random housemates from the previous seasons of BBA.To put it midly, they chose the wildest and craziest housemates to enter the house. Most of them look like they have been doing drugs for a living.

Well I guess the BBA’s choice from Botswana was not that bad considering that out of all the past representatives from Botswana he was the one who represented Botswana better.

The way he was eliminated in the last house was also unfair to a lot of his fans so many would be glad that he was given another chance.

Another housemate who has been given a chance to prove her worth since being eliminated from the house because she left voluntarily is Jennifer of Mozambique, who is possibly the youngest housemate.

Also present in the house is 34-year-old Code from BBA 2 who is there representing Malawi.
Imagine my surprise to see Sammy from the very first BBA, what the hell is an old man doing in the house? At 35 years, shouldn’t he be established enough to stop living like a careless youngster who is still trying to find his path?

And then there was the one who looks like he sniffs lines every time he wakes up, Tanzania‘s Mwisho.He is also from the first BBA where he had quite a number of fans but now he looks like BBA would be some sort of drug rehab.

Another interesting character to watch is Ethiopia‘s 28-year-old Yacob, who has by now shown interest in almost all the women in the house. He claims he has never been in love and he doesn’t want the audience to judge him too quickly.

Waving the South African flag is the outspoken and confident 26-year-old Lerato from BBA2 who has in the past shown her explosive nature when dealing with other housemates.

Also from season 2 is the controversial 29-year-old Tatiana from Angola. She caused quite a controversy when she had a relationship with a married man on-screen.

Zimbabwe is represented by ladies man Munya, who has admitted to having kissed a guy by mistake. Munya was a favourite amongst the ladies during his stint with BBA3. Kenya is represented by 25-year-old Sheila from BBA3 who had by then become infamous for gossiping behind other people’s back. Sheila joins Nigeria’s 27 year old Uti who has a way of running his mouth when he gets excited.

Amongst the first housemates to arrive was Namibia’s Meryl, another loudmouth who doesn’t know how to handle her liquor.

With the combination of her and Lerato, the house is going to be interesting indeed.
Twenty-four-year-old Hannington of Uganda, who has, in the past, acted like a madman when he loses his temper, is back for a second swipe at the cash.

The 14th housemate is Paloma from BBA Revolution who is representing Zambia. Paloma, 24, has in the past shown her pet hate for uncleanliness and laziness.
Needless to say, Sean Paul’s live performance at the launch might have also contributed to the ratings.

As I expected, within the first four hours inside the house, almost everyone was drunk.


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