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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs counters ‘diplomatic goof’ story

The Editor,
Sunday Standard

Dear Sir,

This is in response to an article entitled “Botswana Silent over Diplomatic Goof” which appeared in the 28 October, 2007 edition of your newspaper. We feel compelled to set the record straight for the benefit of your readership as your article was riddled with inaccuracies and misconceptions.

We are amazed that your reporter chose to sensationalise the issue. The point is that there is nothing unusual or peculiar about rescinding a decision to appoint, redeploy or extend a tour of duty of an Ambassador or High Commissioner. Such is the prerogative of the appointing authority, who, in this case, is none other than His Excellency the President. This is also in the nature of exigencies of the diplomatic service and it happens all the time.

Whenever this happens, however, there are established protocol procedures to be followed bilaterally between the sending State and the receiving State.

We confirm that these protocol procedures were fulfilled in the case of both Ambassador Bernadette Rathedi and High Commissioner Roy Blackbeard.

Your insinuation that His Honour the Vice President intervened and influenced the course of events in the matter is wholly without merit.


C.T. Ntwaagae
Permanent Secretary


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