Saturday, September 23, 2023

The mystery of the Freakum dress

Trending in every night club, night spot and red carpet event is probably the shortest and tightest dress that will ever be known to mankind ÔÇô the Freakum Dress.
How the ladies manage to keep it down while gyrating to the popular songs remains a mystery and a secret the ladies will evidently take to the grave.
It was a connect-the-dots kind of scenario of knowing the item and finding out its name much later.
On one hand it came from ‘Zulu Girl Goes to Johannesburg’, a South African blog following the trials and tribulations of a teenager, Thandeka, who finds herself dealing with life, death, love and everything in between.
On her first night from the village a friend already accustomed to the fast-life culture introducing her to the dress that has come to replace every woman’s best friend, ‘the little black number’ described as “a short white dress that was so tight I felt it would tear.”
Later I would learn it was the Johannesburg night uniform and it was called a freakum.
They might not be quite conversant with the name yet but back home they know the Freakum and the slender, curvy girls are not shying away from flaunting their assets in this tightly fitting short clothing item.
It is a tricky dress to wear and one has to be bold and confident to be able to pull off. However when the sun goes down, after knocking down a few drinks girls about town rock this dress without even batting an eyelid.
Bootylicious (curvaceous), an international singing sensation released a song titled the ‘Freakum Song’ in which the Freakum Dress is celebrated.
The concept of the song is that the dress is as much a means of showing off a nice wardrobe as one of self assertion.
Giving an expert opinion, fashionista and designer, Mothusi Lesolle of iZaura Creations, explains that the Freakum is a party dress which should be worn by ladies when going dancing or clubbing. In Lesolle’s opinion any woman can wear it. “While a slender woman wears it good, a curvaceous woman wears it great,” she says, giving local jazz singer Kearoma as an example of a lady whose tiny waist and ample curves would complement the Freakum.
Lesolle further emphasizes that the Freakum should always be worn with heels. It would be a travesty of fashion to wear it with a flat shoe.
“It is a short tight dress and if you lack confidence do not even think about trying to wear it because you will be constantly trying to pull it down,” explains Lesolle.
Like me, many wondered what a Freakum until they received a picture of a woman wearing one alongside a brief description.
There were a number of ‘wow sexy and awesome’ comments from the male perspective while the females were more concerned with its length.
“Cause when he acts wrong that’s when you put it on, been on him up tight this is your song hold out your back, time to impress, pull out your freakum dress,” so goes the song. Maybe wise words on how and why should be wearing a freakum dress.


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