Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The pros and cons of live music festivals

Live music festivals featuring both local and international musicians are proving to be the order of the day and many “annual music shows” are mushrooming at every turn with various themes and objectives.

Apart from the adrenaline rush, socialising with peers and seeing spectacular displays from artists live, it is possible though that the best and most sanitary as well as safest seat anyone can be guaranteed is their couch at home.

At home, you can enjoy the show on the television with the advantage of pausing and play back while dressed in sweat pants, a baggy shirt and under garments.

However when going out, there is an infinite need to dress to impress. Ladies, it might look like a good idea to be seen in 12-inch stilettos and the shortest, tightest freakum (short tight dress) you own and comfortably seated in the VVIP section with valet parking stick-to jeans and pumps. Yet imagine staggering in stilettos at 3am struggling to keep the freakum doing the walk of shame painfully back home.

If you absolutely must go out to the festival, have a light meal before you leave. Imbibing on an empty stomach is a no-no; and be especially careful not to overdo it.

Organisers rarely make clean and reliable sanitation a priority. Food and drinks merely occupy space in our bodies for a short period of time and at some point need to make an exit using the respective outlets, so when consuming keep this in mind.

Do not buy anything that is not sealed to put in your mouth ÔÇô be it a hot dog from the vendor or a pre-mixed drink from a friend or stranger. When faced with such, politely decline with a smile and walk away slowly.

Not so long ago it would have been weird to mention that both men and women will be ogled by strange men who are just out there on the hunt for “fresh meat” or a new sexual encounter.

Stay clear of them. This is not to sound subjective or judgmental, for you are not going to find Mr. Right leaning against a festival fence, drinking light beer trying to make small talk, looking at your chest instead of your eyes.

This description is of the good ones. Some of them won’t even try to talk to you, and instead will grope you as thought it’s their God-given right.

Attending these shindigs is amazing and filled with once-in-a-lifetime breathtaking performances. Enjoy them for their worth, but be wary of the pros and cons.


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