Monday, April 22, 2024

The race for BFA positions intensifies

Livert Ntwaagae

According to football pundits Ntwaagae has an outside chance of getting enough votes which will see him victorious on the day. This is because the former TASC and TAFIC manager does not belong to any faction going into the elections. It is said that if he was aligned to any faction he would be able to convince the delegates that he is ready for the job ahead. Those who discredit the outspoken Ntwaagae claim that he is unreliable and the association needs a strong character for the position.

“I have no doubt that I can serve the association and bring the changes which can take our football forward. I want to address issues of leadership because for (Segolame) Ramotlhwa and Tariq (Babitseng) to have failed to agree who is supposed to stand yet they all belong to Friends Of Football shows that there is serious problem,” Ntwaagae said on Friday afternoon. “I think I have done enough during my campaign to convince the football people but all remains in their hands. The regions have to understand that the time has come to do away with factions.”

Ntwaagae further pointed out that if he gets the second most powerful seat at the association, he would advocate a review of the secretariat. He believes that the staff at the football headquarters does not have the capacity to push some of the association’s objectives. Ntwaagae carries plenty of Human Resource Management experience having worked for a number of leading companies. It is seen as the experience that would help the association if he gets the nod.

Tariq Babitseng

The youthful First Division South chairman is seen as the firm favourite to clinch the seat. Those who put him in the front seat say it is because of his close relationship with BFA president Tebogo Sebego. He is seen as the man who grafted hard to ensure that Sebego became the BFA president two years ago. Sources say that though Sebego has distanced himself from supporting Babitseng, it will be suicidal of him. Those supporting Babitseng say that though he has his own weakness, he is a hardworking person. He is credited with ensuring that Debswana Diamond Company sponsors the First Division Leagues after years of suffering. Sources further indicated that it was Babitseng who spearheaded the campaign which saw motor company Barloworld donating a vehicle worth P500,000 to Zebras’ coach Peter Butler.

Those against his rise to the BFA second hottest seat said that Babitseng has shown that he is unreliable after he was implicated in a case where he lent himself the association’s money without permission in 2012 while acting as Executive Officer. Though he was later cleared of any wrong doing, sources say that goes to show that he cannot be trusted.

Approached for comment, Babitseng said he is ready to serve the football if voted in on Saturday.
“I live and sleep football. I have no doubt that if given a chance I’ll continue to advocate for the regions at a higher level. Football needs me and there are number young people who are now involved in the administrative side of clubs because I’m their inspiration,” said Babitseng.

He pointed out that the BFA needs more young people to serve in the executive. He dismissed those who say he is unreliable because of the case he was once involved in.

“That’s petty talk and my focus is on improving the game. I was suspended for nine months from football activities but came back when I was cleared of any wrong doing. I’m ready for more challenges in the executive,” he said.

Segolame Ramotlhwa

He is an old horse. If the votes were to be decided by experience, Ramotlhwa would win the polls outright. He has served in the BFA executive in the past under David Fani but left when he said there were number of things which did not please him.

Ramotlhwa is seen as a man of principle who always ensured that things were done in a manner which would not compromise the game. He has shown his leadership skills at Notwane over the years where he has served in different capacities.

On the other hand, some football commentators argue that Ramotlhwa cannot stand his ground in some cases. They believe it is time for the regions to get the new broom into the office because Ramotlhwa has failed in the past.

His decision not to allow Tariq Babitseng to represent Friends of Football in the upcoming elections is said to have rubbed some delegates the wrong way. Efforts to get hold of Ramotlhwa failed on Friday afternoon.


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