Monday, June 24, 2024

The Scots say it’s great

Whisky lovers were this past Thursday given an opportunity to enjoy the taste of two leading Scottish whiskies, courtesy of Distell Botswana.

Held at TravelLodge, the organisers treated invited guests to original Scotish whiskies with their fruity smell, hints of malt, sherry and sweet as well as well-balanced silky smooth and spicy taste.

The SL Signature is also rich and fruity with a distinctive peaty aroma and a mouth-filling, creamy and rich taste.

“Scottish Leader, by category standards, is a modern brand available in 30 countries worldwide. It has adopted a collaborative approach to producing the blend, introducing innovations and breathing fresh life into an ageing industry with a ‘new perspective’,” Distell’s Managing Director Mothusi Molokomme told guests.

He said what the whisky lacks in brand heritage, it makes up for in vision with its forward-thinking blending teams that deliver exceptional liquid that appeals to the taste of the day.

Both Scottish Leader Original and Signature have each respectively earned awards in global competitions around the world, having won a Silver Award in the 2016 Spirit Challenge Awards and in the 2015 IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) Quality Awards, awarded by some of the world-class Scotch Whisky Masters.

“Scottish Leader is an award-winning, internationally respected blended whisky that brings together close to 30 of the finest hand selected malt and grain whiskies from across Scotland to create a smooth, accessible whisky,” said Distell’s Marketing Manager Lekgotla Ntshole.

“A blended Scotch whisky can contain up to 50 whiskies.” He said the art of blending not only requires a good nose and palate, but also an in-depth understanding of whisky and the different characteristics of each whisky.

“Only through the skills of the blending team can we obtain the complex character of our blended whiskies, bringing together the different flavours from each of the whiskies used, to obtain the overall distinct character of each individual blend, be it Original or Signature.”


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