Friday, March 1, 2024

The shrinking BFA?

Since the current national Executive Committee of the Botswana Football Association (BFA) took over the reins almost two years ago, there seems to be no ending of blunders.

There seem to be more questions than answers at the association. The latest scandal to rock the BFA is the non registration of the youth teams like the under 17 and 20 with Confederations of African Football (CAF) for international competitions.

This is one element that might haunt Botswana Football for a very long time. Youth competitions are the ones mostly watched by soccer scouts. If youth teams are not in international competitions this then means the senior team will also be affected.

Someone at the BFA is not doing their job. The crux of the matter is that the deadline for registration of youth teams elapsed when the Chief Executive Officer was suspended.
Normally when the deadline approaches, CAF keeps on reminding countries. The questions remain whether the BFA was not reminded.

The recently fired CEO of BFA, Mooketsi ‘Tosh’ Kgotlele, has since exonerated himself from the matter saying those in the office were supposed to be in regular contact with CAF.
Just recently, the head coach of the senior team, Stanley Tshosane, decried the way things are being done at the BFA. He said all what he was promised before taking over the reins has turned into empty promises.

Tshosane’s startling revelations come at a time when the Zebras are not doing well at all in international competitions.

Tshosane’s outbursts mean that he has had enough and something is wrong at BFA offices and it seems it cannot be solved internally.

There is also the issue of vacant posts at the BFA and it seems this has become the norm.
The vacant posts are those of the Technical Director and CEO. The post of Vice President (Administration) was just filled recently.

These vacant posts are the backbone of football.
The BFA has not had a Technical Director for some time now and yet the Technical director is supposed to give football development direction.

The BFA recently announced that they could not find a suitable candidate.
Things don’t appear well at the BFA, regarding the position, because there are many qualified Batswana who can easily fill the post. Even in the neighbouring countries, there are many suitable candidates who can be hired.

Local coaches like Kenneth Mogae and Matshidiso Sexton Kowa can do well in this job, looking at their track record.

This past week, the BFA sacked Kgotlele after having suspended him for some time. But it appears there is nothing concrete that the BFA can put up front to justify his sacking.
The BFA might be headed for a major showdown should Kgotlele decide to take the legal route because he says his name has been discredited.

When Kgotlele was still on suspension, another drama unfolded at the BFA. Losika Keatlholetswe, whose contract had not been renewed for the position of Technical Director, was roped in to be the acting CEO.


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