Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The ten commandments of summer!!

The summer season is finally upon us, and about time one could even add!
This is the perfect time to put away the heavy winter gear and holler, ushering in the spirit of summer and the infinite possibilities it presents.
Check out these ten commandments for this season.

Commandment Number 1: Thou shalt go swimming.
In one fell swoop, water must become your best friend and you can’t be caught this year without having taken a dive. Get into a swimming trunk, if you are a guy, a hot bikini if a lady, set up a braai by the pool and swim your cares away.
Who knows, with much practice, you just might be the next swimming sensation like America’s Michael Phelps.

Commandment Number 2: Thou shalt wear loose clothing.
The winter tightened us up as we wore kilos and kilos of clothing, but with that season coming to a close it’s time to wear loose. A bright summer dress would be a plus in restoring the swagger and spring in your step lost during the chilly winter season. A couple of heads might be turned in the process, who knows.

Number 3: Thou shalt wear bright colours only.
Red, pink, yellow, orange and blue must be the colours that define you this summer. Do away with the graveyard look of black and leave that to the wrestling supremo, The Undertaker. Let the bright colours that you put on connect you with the buzz of nature and the life all around you!

Number 4: Thou shalt buy shades.
Whether it is sunglasses from Prada, Ray-Ban, Police, or DKNY, a pair of shades is the way to go this summer season. Never out of season, shades will not only protect you from the harsh sunlight, but make you cool and ultra-stylish! Spoil yourself with a pair and look great.

Number 5: Thou shalt listen to Afro-Soul music.
Music is a great form of relaxation and I have found that Afro-Soul music has that uncanny ability to connect you with the African side of you. Celebrate your being an African and being alive and make sure to listen to Lira and sing along, “I wanna feel good every day; I wanna wear a smile on my face everyday…”

Number 6: Thou shalt learn something new.
Summer must present a newness in your life. Don’t be stale and routine, but challenge yourself to learn something new and discover a talent that had been lying dormant under the chill of winter. Learn an exotic language like Spanish to coo up a loved one; take up painting lessons, go mountain climbing or simply sit back and read a good book. Saturate your mind with fresh and new learning and see the world as it really is, Big!!

Number 7: Thou shalt eat sweet food.
Eat biscuits and chocolates and indulge your physical appetite. Forget your New Year’s resolution to lose weight; life is sweet, so why not make it as such. Let Ferrero Rocher chocolates grace your bag wherever you are and be sure to give chocolate as a gift to a loved one. It reminds them of how special they are to you.
Chocolate with a message on it would be ideal for any situation.

Number 8: Thou shalt go on a long distance trip.
Plan to take yourself out on a long distance trip as long as it will take you out of your circle of comfort and cause you to appreciate other environments beyond your own. It is both refreshing and relaxing. Go to the Okavango Swamps, Victoria Falls or to Cape Town. You can do with the break, you know.

Number 9: Thou shalt celebrate yourself.
Don’t sit around waiting for someone to compliment you. Be bold and take the initiative and celebrate your own small personal victories. It sure does go a long way in boosting your self-esteem to know you woke up on time rather than waiting for someone else to affirm you. Go on and celebrate yourself, it costs you absolutely nothing.

Number 10: Thou shalt give your number to someone.

If you lost a loved one and are scared to move on and fall in love again, cast your fears away and realise that life is yours for the taking. Gather courage and open up to that person who walks up to you saying, “Can I please get your number?”

It takes courage for anyone to ask that question. Who knows, give your number and it might lead to living happily ever after.

Enjoy summer with these commandments!


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