Saturday, September 23, 2023

The way DCEC pack was shuffled does not look smart – Katlholo

Former director of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) Tymon Katlholo says it is unfortunate that the appointing authority had decided to transfer both the director general and her deputy at the same time.

Botlale Makgekgenene has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice Defence and Security with mediate effect.

Speaking to this publication Katlholo said: “It is unfortunate that the appointing authority has decided to transfer both the director general and her deputy”.

He said he does not know what might have motivated the OP to take such a decision therefore people will come and go.

“I would not want to speculate what might have triggered the decision therefore OP is better placed to give reasons on its decision”.

He said “it is vital that the public should have trust on the decision made by the appointing authority similarly it is paramount that public should also have confidence on DCEC”.

He added that once public trust has been lost from both sides, DCEC will then be fighting a losing battle in combating corruption.

He recalled that during his era while at DCEC there was a consultancy report that recommended a good number of things. One was that a director general could be appointed from anywhere and another recommendation was to establish an over-sight body.   

 He said it was very important that the public should know and understand that DCEC is a very sensitive organisation and very stressful and sometimes one needs a change of environment.

He revealed that “it is high time that government should now establish an over-sight organ that is totally independent as it is international standard practice”.

Katlholo, however, indicated that once that body has been established it will also win public trust.

“The public needs to know why there are certain cases that are not being prosecuted and that frustrate the public,” he said.

He stated that during his time there was a political interference but he was able to demonstrate his thick skin and created a balance. Meanwhile, Makgekgenene is transferred to Ministry of Justice, Defence and Security as the deputy Permanent Secretary under corporate affairs.

Deputy Police Commissioner Victor Paledi has replaced Rose Seretse and he will be deputised by Erica Ndlovu.


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