Friday, July 19, 2024

The Way Forward………

It is part of History that the BCP elected not to join the Umbrella for Democratic Change when there was an opportunity to do so a few years ago. These are great lessons that serious minded persons ought to have learned in politics. The fact of the matter is that the ‘Domkrag’ party took the obvious advantage of the political vacuum. ‘Tseo re a di itse’. Despite the impending doom, the UDC with its tributaries (BMD, BNF and BPP), without the BCP marched on with ever increasing confidence. It was indeed a nightmare for the ‘greens’ to go ‘solo’ when the tide seemed to favour the opposition, hence, eventually joined the UDC. From the onset, the malevolent phantom  lingered on in the BMD territory so to split and weaken the UDC.

The formation of a new  political party could be the only answerto withstand the simmering odds currently taking shape on the political arena. The crack on the BMD wall was created long before the ‘Bobonong saga’ of July 2017. Past events put together from Gantsi up to Bobonong clearly indicated that all was not well at the BMD. Efforts to harmonise the leadership in the movement did not bear fruits. Followers and sympathisers alike  are aware of what could be translated as a movement ‘dozing like a beggar on a pile of ragged blankets’. In fact there is no BMD to talk about, and without the BMD, the UDC that Batswana so cherished is bound to disintegrate.

The only reasonable solution is to form a very strong political party that would serve the interests of Batswana. The link between the new and UDC could  be deferred to another time in the future for thorough discussion. ‘Ha mashi a tshologile a tshologile’ tlogela go a lelela. ‘You can take a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink,’ so says the English saying. The suggestion that the movement could have been saved  had the UDC intervened at the very beginning of the problem, would not have worked. The death of BMD has long been planned.

A new political party remains an answer to current problems. Comrade ‘Boko’ ga se Jesu, he cannot return dead people to life. ‘Bakresete cogang ntwa e fa kgorong’. Batswana need to give glowing tribute to individual citizens in the likes of Mr Lebang Mpotokwane, Mr Emang Maphanyane and others who relentlessly took it upon themselves to see the opposition unite under one body. ‘Batho ba ke bone barutwana ba nnete ba ga Jesu Keresete. These volunteers have risked their lives during trying times to rescue Batswana from the bondage of dictatorship.’ Ha ntwa e bolola ga baa tsena mo mesimeng ya dithakadu jaaka go tle go bolelwe ka batho bangwe’. The supporters of good governance should not feel ashamed of what had become of BMD. Many followers literally saw the trend of events as they built up, every body watched ‘wolves’ take a swipe at the people’s Movement. Plans to systematically destroy the Botswana Movement for Democracy have always been there, of course adversaries targeted the leadership. ‘Ha o iteile noga mo tlhogong, o feditse le yone’, bangwe ba rialo. Mme e sere o gadima wa fitlhela e ile. Messengers of doom have succeeded in fulfilling the interest of their ‘selfish masters’.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon the lovers of democracy to stand up to the test of time and fight to the end. The moment of grief has gone and what remains to be seen is the soldierly march to victory by Batswana. The ever enthusiastic youth of our nation should be prepared to ward off the ‘orange’colours once synonymous with the great movement they so loved. The Way Forward is the formation of a new political party that would take Batswana to greater heights.

A political party that would deliver the citizenry to genuine democracy. A political party that would create the best economic environment for all Batswana irrespective of class.


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