Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Way I See It . . . Another Opportunity

What is at stake is above egos of individuals, factions, power wrangling within various opposition parties or even ideology.

Let us unite in our diversity with the common goal of unseating the BDP; to bring about change in our beloved country and usher in a new political dispensation.

Let us take a leaf from the ANC-led tripartite union, which was (and still is) a conglomeration of entities with divergent aims, methodologies, beliefs and ideologies, but was united with a common goal to bring about change in South Africa and usher in a new political dispensation.

Let us stand firm against all and anyone that attempt to derail this process whether from within or without.

Let us make history and be proud to be part of that history that paves way for democratic change of government in Botswana. That will be proof that democracy does exist in Botswana.

Let us be mindful of the plain reality that in the history of Botswana politics, opportunities presented themselves for a change in government, but were wasted; all because of lack of cooperation resulting from greed and intransigence.

Let us recognise that now another opportunity for a change of government has once again presented itself.

Let each one of us ask ourselves if what we are doing is for the sake of our country or attention seeking grand standing.

Let us ask ourselves if we are patriotic enough, because just being patriotic will cut it, but patriotic enough!

Let us ask ourselves if we are going to do justice for our children and our grandchildren by pulling and working together united in our diversity to use this opportunity gainfully.

Let us be wary of detractors or sell outs within our own parties. Or those that use opposition parties to up their perceived political worth, just so as to cut deals for themselves. We have seen them during our lifetimes in other African countries and in our very own.

Now is not a time for being way laid by any individual, group of persons or a political party. Any such should be left out of the negotiations.

By now we should have organised ourselves right down to each potential ward seat.

By now we should have raised a couple of millions of pula in readiness for the biggest campaign that the BDP are going to unleash.

But now all we are doing is being distracted by the government funded machinations and government expenditure reliant private companies.

The train is about to pull out of the station. Have you secured yourself a seat? Are you going to jump on when the train has started moving? Sure enough, the train will stop at some sidings, but is it going to stop at yours?

Batswana are waiting at the destination. Do not let them wait too long. Do not let them down.

Whilst the ruling party is raking in hard cash and promissory notes for the 2013-14 campaign; Opposition are still grandstanding.

Let us not make pronouncements on behalf of other people, especially when those same persons cannot make pronouncements about themselves. Rather believe in yourselves enough that even if Mokaulengwe Ntuane was to exercise his democratic right by going back to the BDP our movement would soldier on to its pre-destined victory, if not 2014, definitely 2019. Nobody is indispensable.

Let us focus on building a robust strategy, a robust movement, a committed and ever-growing membership, a fat and healthy bank balance and guaranteed inflow of funds and good and upright leadership.


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