Sunday, May 26, 2024

There is a positive energy in the air, take advantage of it

Every season has its own special feelings and energy in the air and we have just stepped out of the festive season which had the feelings of celebration, rest and relaxation among others.

The December season was also a retrospective season where people got to look back to weigh and evaluate their achievements and failures and then decide on a good way forward.

This was the kind of energy that filled the air in December and I hope most people took advantage of it and got the chance to evaluate their past performances and come up with a good strategy for moving forward.

We have now entered into a brand new season which has brought with it a set of brand new feelings and energy and these feelings and energy are of new and fresh beginnings. They are very thick in the air and in everybody’s mind and lips therefore this is the best time for anybody to take advantage of them and use them to get a lot of things done before the energies come to a slow down.

Towards the middle of the year these energies and feelings will come to a slow down as life and work pressures pile up and at this point only those with unique internal driving forces will continue to evidently push forwards while the rest of the people will experience a slowdown.

So my advice to everyone is to move fast and take advantage of the freely available energy while it is still here so that by the time the energy levels come to a slowdown you would have got a lot of things in motion and they will be successfully moving forward without you having to put too much effort into them.

It is very important for your mind and body to be at par with the season’s energies because if your mind and body are still caught up the energy of the previous season that is of celebrations and retrospection you will be left behind. Not meaning to say that people should not celebrate life and evaluate their achievements regularly, but the bulk of that should have been done during its season and at this point in time implementation should be the main priority.

If you are only starting to lay down your implementation strategies now while most people are starting to implement their projects, it may give you a feeling of being left behind and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on you which may result in you making unwise decisions, which forces me to stress one last time the point that it is important for your mind and body to be at par with the season’s energies. This is the season to discuss new propositions with different stakeholders, to start new projects, to implements new approaches and do all fresh things which need to be done.

This season is not only beneficial to new projects that need to be implemented from scratch but it is also good for existing projects; it can be used to put them up to a higher gear for them to move at a faster pace.

This is the season where you have to hit the ground running while decision makers have the feelings of newness around them as it becomes easier for you to get them to listen to you and grant you what you have requested. Some of the things that are difficult to accomplish towards the middle of the year are much easier to accomplish now, so take advantage of this season and move as fast as you can. Do not postpone things for tomorrow because today you will be comfortable with doing nothing, knowing that you will start tomorrow but when tomorrow comes it will be very easy for you to postpone it again to tomorrow because you have comfortably done so before.

The best way to avoid postponements is not to be guided by your circumstances but be guided by your passion and desire to get things done. If you wait for all conditions to be favourable before you start the ball rolling then you will never start and the good Bible also states that in Ecclesiastes 11:4 saying “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap”.

It will obviously be difficult when you start the ball rolling before conditions are favourable, but the beautiful thing is that when the conditions finally become favourable things will just happen faster and more successfully without you starting from scratch.

Because this season has its own positivity lingering in the air it makes it a better time to start new things whether the project’s conditions are favourable or not because of the already existent positive energy.

Have a prosperous 2013!


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