Sunday, May 26, 2024

There is good food at Lansmore…and Chef Rico

If you thought the food at Lansmore Hotel looked good, take a look at the guy who prepared it and you will understand why. Chef Rico is the kind of guy you want to take home to meet your parents. As luck would have it, he is already spoken for. So for a small consolation and a little bit of Rico, take a trip to the CBD Lansmore Masa Hotel for a bite.

Enough about the chef, more about his food. Upon arrival the Maître d, who goes by the name Mogomotsi, led us to a table and handed us the cocktail menu. Believe me; you have not had a cocktail until you have been to Lansmore. Just check out the names; Moustache Sally, Blue Hawaiian, Passa on the beach and of course my favorite girl, the Long Island Ice Tea. The crew described it as orgasmic. I agree.

Chef Rico informed us that we were just on time to test the spanking new winter menu. To tease our taste buds he served thai salmon with coconut together with honey and home grown organic spinach. The food was amazing and I would have gladly settled for the salmon as my main course, but Rico told me to hold my horses and wait for Melyn. (The dish was named after his wife).

Rico then served us lamb shank with a crispy caramelized onion tart and a fillet steak with carrots, leek and tomatoes. In a surprise sweet and sour taste he served the fillet steak with apricot jam and brie. For desert we had chocolate and strawberry tart with a dash of Amarula. Chef Rico revealed that Lansmore management gave him freedom to create the menu the best way he sees fit.

Born and bred in Johannesburg-South Africa, Rico said he was surprised by Batswana’s response to his food as he always thought they were more conservative and had very clear and distinct preferences. So he decided to stick to traditional food with a few of his signature tricks during preparation. Rico also said he was impressed with the Setswana style of cooking as it concentrates flavor. Lansmore is simply beautiful. The ambience was amazing, the drinks were out of this world and Chef Rico was a beautiful host. I suggest you take your family out for a treat once in a while, and enjoy the beauty of Lansmore…


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