Friday, June 21, 2024

This year’s graduation a milestone

Dear editor,
This year’s joint graduation is a milestone in the history of Botswana, not only because the guest speaker was a former student and lecturer of the University of Botswana, but also because the address was a pacesetter.

The speech ably summarized the challenges of modern day Botswana. We all know that these days, graduation is not synonymous with celebration nor does it signify that one is ultimately departing from the pool of the unemployed.

It simply means, you passed exams and have a certificate.

It is, therefore, important that we all get assisted in unleashing our hidden potential, sharpen all our dormant skills and talents to such a level that the global market will find one irresistible.

There is an urgent need for our curricular to progressively and aggressively gravitate towards skills building, entrepreneurship and business skills.

The clich├® that says no one can take away your education is no longer helpful.

In a day and age when one could be endowed with two fat degrees but being consistently rejected by the job market, this is a tragedy and paradox which the modern think tanks and researchers have to do something about.

We can not afford to educate people for a bleak future of joblessness and unemployment because such a phenomenon is criminogenic for obvious reasons.

Alternatively, we have to create a comprehensive welfare system which will insulate not only restitutes, the elderly and disabled but all the unemployed people.

After all, we all own the resources of our country as a team. As the old wise people said, “The mouth that eateth, insults the un eating mouth.”

May all the mouths have something to eat? Mr. Editor, surely graduation should be associated with joy, genuine celebration, and fruitful future and gainful employment. I rest my case.

Attorney Chuchuchu Nchunga Nchunga
P Bag 009, Gaborone 71467812  3939197 Home
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