Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Threat to kill suspect remanded in custody

A 39-year old man, Boitshoko Seleleko, of Tsolamosese near Mogoditshane, was arraigned before Village Magistrate Court on charges of attempting to kill his girlfriend.

According to the charge sheet, Seleleko is accused of attempting to murder Dineo Bake on Monday last week at Tsolamosese.

State Prosecutor, Keoagile Pheto of G/West Police Station, asked for the charge sheet to be read to the accused and for plea to be reserved.

He asked the court to remand the accused in custody as he had also attempted to commit suicide immediately after the incident.

“This is a fresh matter and investigations are still ongoing and I asked for the accused to be remanded in custody; the reasons┬á being that the accused had also attempted to kill himself after attempting to murder her girlfriend,’ said Pheto. “The victim, Dineo Bake, is currently in critical condition at Princess Marina Hospital and they might be some change of circumstances, which may result in the change of the charge sheet.” ?

Pheto said that he feared that if the accused was released on bail, he could commit suicide as he had tried before.

Seleleko had asked for bail saying he just got a job and feared losing it, and that he is also responsible for the welfare of the two kids they have with the victim who is hospitalized at Princess Marina Hospital.

When asked by the magistrate if it was true that he had tried to commit suicide, the accused said ‘yes’, prompting the magistrate, Cele Motlaleng, to remand him in custody and asked┬á the police to take him for counselling.

┬á‘’I think the best way is to┬á remand you in custody to allow the mood of the family of the victim to subside and┬á for you to go for counselling…so you stand remanded in custody,” said Motlaleng.


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